Welcome to Funky Rhodey, your guide to myths, landmarks & other oddities in the Ocean State. Funky Rhodey is dedicated to relaying peculiar Rhode Island folklore in a level headed, yet light hearted manner.

For the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island boasts a surfeit of unusual stories & localities. Several of these have blossomed into fanciful sub-urban legends, others have been forgotten by all but the older locals in the immediate areas. Funky Rhodey is here to compile these stories for your entertainment.

Many of these stories include historic landmarks or may be located on private property. Funky Rhodey in NO WAY endorses trespass or vandalism; these landmarks should be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

If you have any strange stories that you would like to submit to us at Funky Rhodey, feel free to E-Mail us at FunkyRhodey@yahoo.com.