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Here's who we are:

Ananda Daydream - An 18-year-old who is hopelessly lost (or nearly so) in her own little world of fantasies and music.  Fan of U2, Monkees, Star Wars, rock music, and drummers in general (outside of school-band, anyway).  Constantly flitting between decades...  Out to save/change the world/society (or crumble it in the process, whichever comes first...*g*) Endless crusader for COLOUR (over grey) an' penguins (who will *always* prevail over pop-tarts!!!). Likes writing rants. ;) Spends *waaay* too much time on the computer, fiddling with this site and her own, checking up on the latest U2 news, downloading music videos and anime, looking up random cool stuff, collecting pictures, reading web comics, and playing around with Adobe Photoshop. Somehow tends to be the unofficial leader of this bunch of psychos, prolly 'cos she's the oldest..
Oh yeah, an' did all the outtasite artwork for this page. *g* ('Cept for the one background Daffy snatched from somewhere, an' the two Laurel snatched...)


Daffodil Sunshine - A hyper, crazy, bouncing-off-the-walls-type person who enjoys being generally weird and confusing everyone who mischances to come across her. (Sometimes to the point of scaring people away...*g*) Immerses herself in daydreams, which she believes *g*.   Grins incessantly. A crunchy/granola-y type person (she's vegetarian, a flowerchild, and out to save the environment). Loves music from almost any time period, with exceptions to newer stuff, and gravitates toward 60s-70s stuff. Also has created her own unique dialect of English. *g*


Laurel Christensen - An individual--how else do you think she fell in with such friends? *g* Usually strict in her adherence to correct grammar, much to the dismay of the others (though she realizes that most of her description here is in sentence fragments, which is not correct grammar). Is the group's Official Paranoiac, as well as Official British Expert. A hopeless M*A*S*H and Whose Line is it Anyway? fanatic--as though that isn't obvious after reading a few of her blog entries! She feels a need to help the world in any way she can--though she wishes she could live up to more of her good intentions. Tends to obsess a bit over left-handedness (whether her own or other people's). Loves to read--she's planning on teaching English literature as a career. Laurel also enjoys Christian music (especially Chris Rice and Newsboys), computers, and singing.


Zinnia Brook - Zinnia is a mostly-cheerful 18-year-old. Already she wishes she were younger, has no desire to drive, and wishes college was still years away. She wants to be in love, but wants it to be true love. Often she is considered the peacemaker, although sometimes she takes a side. Mostly she prefers being neutral and helping make compromises. In her spare time she enjoys daydreaming, reading (Animorphs, Sweet Valley High, or anything else that looks interesting), and writing (journal, the Applebus, poems, and notes to friends). She is currently living in Pennsylvania, although she wishes she were still in New York. She moved six hours away from home and friends in 2000. She is glad to be closer to family, but feels they can't quite make up for it (no offense to them, of course!)

And here's what we've got so far:

The Continuing Saga of the Applebus

Music Club

Monkees Concert in Buffalo!!! Wooo!!! :)

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Topaz Meanderings
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11/22/02--thought maybe we ought to update the message here--waiting on Applebus, yeah (made a bit harder by Laur's computer being temperamental--I don't like writing from off an A disk, okay?). Sorry it's been so boring around here. Hopefully that'll be remedied soon. In the meantime, poke around, e-mail, do whatever you want to do.

E-mail us, we have no lives, we'll actually read it and even *reply* to you quite quickly! :) funkyschoolbus@yahoo.com


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Hope you like it so far - keep checking back for more!




"Cerebral Oddities" was created Dec. 2, 2000, way past our normal bedtimes. It was accomplished with the aid of Geocities and caffeinated soda. This message in small print was created by Laurel - so was the name of this page, as a matter of fact - and will continue until such time as she runs out of things to say. If you experience difficulty in understanding some of the subtle humor of The Continuing Saga of the Applebus, which may or may not ever be finished, please know that this is a completely understandable occurrence, considering that you are probably not familiar with the inside jokes therein, nor are you familiar with the actual people the characters represent. If you experience technical difficulties with the Music Club page, it is quite possibly Laurel's fault, seeing as she learned HTML from Ananda only minutes before she began working on that section of the site. On the other hand, since Daffodil is our official scapegoat for just about everything, it is probably her fault instead. If you experience an allergic reaction to any of these pages, please know that you are a very abnormal person. You are probably even more abnormal than we are right now (approximately 5:02 a.m.), and we have consumed large quantities of chain-supermarket imitation Mountain Dew, as well as several varieties of junk food that we will not mention because we would have to put a registered-trademark symbol after the names of the products, and we really do not feel like doing that at the moment. The previous item may or may not be a run-on sentence. If it is, and you have an issue with the fact that Laurel, who in her description claims to strictly follow the conventions of the English language, has just created a run-on sentence and left it there for all the public to see, please know that Laurel, Ananda, and Daffodil have not slept for over twenty-three hours. Please chalk any grammatical errors and strange lawyer-style terms up to this fact. If you are still reading this message, even after all the hyperness herein, please know that we are not normally this insane; we are just acting like it because of the aforementioned lack of sleep and ingestion of caffeinated soda and junk food. In case you were wondering, Laurel Christensen is not the real name of the author of this message. It is actually a pseudonym dating back nearly two years. Please know that approximately twenty to thirty minutes before this, Laurel was on approximately the previous sentence of this message when Ananda's computer froze. Not having saved this message, it was lost, and it was necessary to retype this entire message; that is, what we could remember of it. Let that be a lesson to us all. As Laurel has nearly run out of things to say, this message will be terminating shortly. This message will not self-destruct. The cheese stands alone. Thank you.

Hey, Daffodil speaking. Maybe *Laurel's* not usually this weird, but I canna say the same for me!!*g*

Hey, Laurel speaking. Believe her.


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