Heeey!!!! the sites opening up but for now visit these FF8 shrines (ZCK is my personal fave hehe)! I need to get the site sorted, etc so anyway well if you have a site you know what I mean - dontcha? e-mail me for the time being to find out when the sites gonna be open!
oh btw version one is goin to be about: yup good 'ol Sefie!
ZCK : Zell's Combat Kingdom is really good - a definate must see
The Exeter : a shrine to Irvine Kinneas
Shooting Star : Final Fantasy VIII
Trabia SeeD : a Selphie shrine ^_~
Mira's Selphie Tilmitt Shrine
(yes Im a huge fan of Squall Leonhart and Irvine Kinneas hehe...)
W a i t i n g . . . : a FF8 fanlisting
Guns 'n Hotdogs : a Irvine/Zell fanlisting
Kinda Shy : a Laguna Loire fanlisting
...Whatever : a Squall Leonhart fanlisting ^_~
SeeD SeeD SeeD! woohoo! ZCKs official Final Fantasy VIII fanlisting!
The Official Selphie Tilmitt fanlisting