Wishes with the dragonballs
all status up 15,000
2 int. moves
1 adv move
any item
wish someone back to life both pepole will gain 15,000 PL
wish someone weaker7,000 each status
Wish A planet back doing this will enable black star dragonballs on that planet(rules when it happens)

Janemaba's Sword: takes 2 weeks to find (must be dead also gives you 30 sickle slices per match (witch is twice  as storng as a kenzan  and you also gain 30,000 pl But 1st you must Beat Janemaba if you lose you must wait a month befor coming back to life instead of 3 days here are his statuses (me or trunks will play janemaba)
Moves:Ki Ball,Triple charge,Chou Kamehameha,Big Bang Attack Big bang Kamehameha,Shotgun Ki Blast

Z sword: (must have a pl of 100,000 base) takes 2 weeks to find boost your pl 50,000
Also must defete Supreme Kai
Moves: Big bang Kamehameha, Final flash,Chou kamehameha,Teleport,Adv Honno(me or trunks will play the role as supreme kai)

Nemekian style Power up:This boost your base PL by 1.2% you must be on namek to do so. Takes 1weeks training under him in his power up training.

Bebidi:Go see bebidi to Turn you Majin this Boost your PL30,000 But you are Evil and cannot chane that unless someone wishes you were nolonger majin witch you will lose the pl boost gained from it takes 1 week to find Bebidi.

Korians Tower:This is a scarce Quest for the Holly water you will have to climb the tower for 2 weeks to recive the water this will boost you base pl by 1.5(may not use your nimbus)