Man-Thing 2099

The idea of Man-Thing 2099 came about after reading Ravage 2099 # 16. On page 17, we see Ravage heading for the Synthia Corporate building and eventually confronting the group manager of overseas development, Alan Gris. Ravage offers an ultimatum before attacking Gris. Gris activates a womb-bubble providing total personal protection. Although the bubble prevents Ravage's attack and is laser proof, Ravage eventually turns the lasters on the floor below the bubble. Gris and the bubble fall to the floor below, landing in a large container of live-stage bacteria. Staff look on in horror acknowledging that the bacteria eat anything.

Everyone assumes Gris is dead and Ravage looks down, wondering what Gris thinks of Synthia's farming methods now. The header assumes Gris is also dead, but there is no definite proof. What if, as the bacteria began eating through the bubble, the polymer shell composing the bubble chemically reacted with the bacteria and Gris body transformed into some kind of creature. The bubble was supposed to be a total personal protection system and although it has been extensively field tested, Gris possesses one of the first. Perhaps, despite the field tests, they don't know what all it can do. It was designed to totally protect him, so as the bacteria came into contact with his body, the polymer reacted with his body, keeping him aline, but not uneffected.

Fris may not have the most pleasant feelings toward Ravage (which could lead to future confrontations) but most of his anger is directed toward the corporation. After all, if it were not for the corporation's methods, the accident wouldn't have occurred.

The original Man-Thing had the ability to regenerate himself and burn those who feared him. Gris can perhaps control the bacteria that effected him. Perhaps when he touches others, he can release some of that bacteria to burn them.

I do not know exactly what Man-Thing 2099 looks like - you can have freedom on that. I do not want him to look like the original Man-Thing, Swamp Thing or Sludge. Also, Man-Thing can't talk.

After this story is completed, I think we should submit it to 2099 Unlimited. They are always creating new characters and some of the things they've published are worse than this will be. Who knows, maybe they could use it as a new series, special or mini-series.

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