Sorry, but this is NOT, I repeat, NOT a hentai doujinshi manga scan site. I guess I accidentally pressed the wrong button when I sign up to stuff.

Hello, minna! Welcome to FuNNeDuo's Gates. This site mainly consists of scans of manga. Because I have no idea what else to do. I might add on a page of MP3s and stuff. There are also various stuff you will find on my page, such as a page for you to voice out your complaints on Manga/Annime, a postcard page, free e-mail... whatever just look up. Anyway, Enjoy! ^_^ ~Cal

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September 28, 2000
Ok... announcement. There won't be any updates soon. Becuase school is a bitch, all my time has been consumed by it. When I DO have time.. I would rather talk, then scan stuff. But there will be updates once in a while... when there IS an update.. it's going to be a huge one.. don't worry. So! I'll c ya!!!

August 28, 2000
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PREKSHA/DIMPY/AHSKERP!!!! I wish you a very happy birthday! Anyway... my order of the my mangas arrived like last week! YEA! And because I got new mangas, I scanned some new stuff, DNAngel, and Angelic Layer. I know there isn't much pictures up yet... but wait, I'll scan A BUNCH this week and the next. (let's hope I remember... ^_^;;;) I gotta go to school tomorrow.. how sad! But it's only for 2 days... just to take swimming tests and junk. ANYWAY, I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation. Now it's back to school time!!! (how sad!) Ok now.. c ya! JA!

August 21, 2000
I added another page to KKJ Scans, this time I think it's 19 pictures, but I finished book 3, now I'm up to book 4! yea! So.. c ya!

August 20, 2000
Hey everyone! There's a good news, and a bad news... The good news is that I actually updated! Added 20 piccys to KKJ, I was gonna add more, but got too tired.... ^_~;;; the bad news is that... the mp3 page idea is OFF, all the accounts I used to store MPs on both Geocities, and theglobe has been revoked "due to violation of our agreement, blah blah blah" and not only I wasted all my time to u/l those crap... I also lost all my mp3s!!! I got soo many good mp3s! ;_; Also, this week didn't go very well... sigh... I had to go to piano lesson TWICE! x_x Saturday AND Sunday, talk about torture! But I did a compliment from my teacher, (and it's hard to get one from her.. trust me!) So... enjoy the piccys... if you're a Marron X Chiaki fan... you should like the update! ^_^ JA!

August 11, 2000
Gomenasai! I know I have updated in ages to you... but I actually have been. I have been uploading tons of mp3s onto various accounts, and it's going to be open soon... ALSO for today, I added 7 piccys to CCS. I PROMISE I'll scan more for them KKJ stuff. My friend just went back to HK without giving me back my KKJ 5... but it's not like I'll get to 5 by the end of the summer anyway hehehe ^_~. Anyway... that's all for now! C ya!

July 28,2000
Sigh... I'm counting off the days until I get outta summer school. Anyway... not much of an update, but my friend just started her own site, "Kei's World of Stuff" It's a site where you can get banners and stuff... I really like her stuff ^_^ Anyway... I will be scanning more stuff... just wait... c ya bb!

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