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Hello everyone,
My name is Gus and I am a Toy Fox Terrier or TFT.
I live with a wonderful family that loves me to pieces. My mom thinks I am very smart and is training  me in Obedience and we have just started Agility Classes. I personally like agility better than obedience but have fun in both. (hopefully mom will get some agility pictures of me soon).Hey she finally got some Agility pictures and put them on page 2.

Aren't I cute?

I know there has to be some kind of varmit down here I just have to dig deeper.

Mom thinks I ought to be Wishbone and wear cute clothes. It might be nice to be a TV star but I am happy at home.

I am chasing Bubbles, that is one of my favorite things to do, especially on a windy day.

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Here I am with my sister, I am the chunky one with 2 lop ears. We are 2 months old and since this picture was taken both my ears stand upright, like they should.

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