About Me

I Need Money for the Big Move and Companionships

I aspire to become a professor of social psychology. To do so, I need a PhD. Thus, I am currently applying for graduate schools. Most probably, I will have to move to go the graduate school that I am going to. For example, if I go to Cardiff University in the UK, I would have to move there. Unfortunately, currently I hold an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology Research. With my degree, I can not get a job that pays for all my living expenses, OSAP and also allows me to save for the big move to graduate school. The degree was designed for me to go to graduate school. Hence, I am offering SAFE and HEALTHY companionships in return for cash donations so that I have enough money for the big move. Plus, if people donate TTC tickets or food that will be great.

Some people may think I would not be a good companion because I am just into it for the money. That is not true. After studying all day (I still need to study to prepare for my research in graduate school), I do need breaks. I need companionship too.

SAFE and HEALTHY Companionships

Making sure that everyone is SAFE and HEALTHY is my priority! For example, I do not tolerate any behavior that has a high probability of disease transmission from one person to another.

More About Me

Ethnicity: Malay + White (I am exotic!)

Weight: 67 kg

Height: 155 cm

Bra Size: 40D

Alcohol Use: no

Smoking: NEVER

Education: H. B. Sc (Psychology Research), University of Toronto

Some Interests: religion, safe sex education, interpersonal relationships, taekwondo

Some Assets: active listener, concern about the wellbeing of my date and myself, able to give people information about psychology, WENDO women's self defense

Location: St Clair West & Bathurst

For more information about my life such as my progress in applying for graduate schools, please feel free to join the Funny Bunny Yahoo! Group