Hi. How're ya doin'? Feeling "mental"? You poor dear, come on in! There's plenty of room for you here. Lots to look at, listen to, read and even laugh about, if'n ya take the time to REALLY visit "The Funny eFarm".

On a personal note: I live in Holland, Europe. And as such I've formulated my opinions from the society as I know it to be here. Where some countries may be liberal about some subjects, others aren't. Like the subject of Mental Health.

What can you expect to find here at The Funny eFarm? Let me start by explaining the name itself.
"The Funny Farm" is a term commonly used for an insane asylum, mental institution, sanatorium or a nuthouse.
A place of residence and possible recovery for people suffering from disorders of the mind.
Now when we break a leg or have cancer or have a tumor, we can expect sympathy and understanding from our family, friends and society as a whole.

What is often forgotten is that EVERY human being consists of a physical AND a mental body.
And when that "mental body" is "ill" with any kind of disorder, society is quick to label that person "whacko", "an outcast", "someone to be ignored", "just trying to get attention", "is imagining things", "someone not to be taken seriously", "a write off", "someone to avoid", "a nutcase", "some idiot who's got a screw loose", "a lost cause", or "with a high strung nature", "the family's best kept secret", "the skeleton in the closet", "the black sheep of the family", etc.. Sound familiar?
Well I'm hoping to BREAK THESE TABOOS still surrounding Mental Health Issues and make life bearable again for those who suffer.

Those family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors that stick by you when you fall ill mentally, are RARE.
Those who've been through a divorce (for example) or lost a family member, can relate a little to this feeling, because friendships seem to dissolve before your very eyes after that too and you are left to face the emotional turmoil and pain and grief all by yourself.
You feel betrayed, alone and angry. I know, I've been there. And it wasn't until much later that I realized their incompetence to support me when I needed them most stems from pure ignorance in how to deal with such situations. That and ANY kind of IGNORANCE can ONLY be cured with lots of detailed INFORMATION!
Don't let your pain and anger stand in the way of YOUR recovery. It is NOT selfish of you to take good care of yourself by accepting professional help. Understand first, then let go and remember the words Our Lord spoke on the cross: "Forgive them Father, for they knoweth not what they doeth". With forgiving and letting go, comes healing of spirit and joy back into your life.

That is how people who suffer from Mental Disorders feel. The paria of society, like the homeless and disabled. Well, THIS site is dedicated to those who want to regain a sense of VALIDATION as a human being and regain the (self-)respect that is rightfully theirs to begin with!

To share their stories and give INSIGHT to those who are ignorant of what it means to endure life in a whole different way than you can possibly imagine and SURVIVE to tell about it and savour LIFE again!
These people are the real hero's in today's society. As are those people who are open-minded enough to open their hearts and arms to those suffering with a mental disorder.

My GOAL is to create a site where "The Funny Farm" is not a "loaded" term anymore.
( eFarm; e=electronic Farm, like eMail and eCommerce)
Where ignorance is replaced with understanding and hope. Understanding in those who have a family member, friend, neighbor or acquaintance suffering from a Mental Disorder so they might be more helpful and supportive.
Hope in those who suffer but are themselves ignorant of the fact that they are experiencing symptoms of stages of a specific mental disorder.
Validation for those who thought they were ALL ALONE and GOING CRAZY only to find out that they are NOT alone, that it HAS A NAME and that it CAN BE TREATED PROFESSIONALLY, if you recognize the symptoms from the stories sent in by fellow sufferers.

I hope this site will be a STEPPING STONE to recognition, hope and getting the right treatment.
I am NOT a therapist or claiming any professionalism in dealing with any mental issues myself!

I do understand more than you might think though, because I too have travelled and am still travelling the same road back to (hopefully) a full recovery!
What started out as an attempt by me to organize my chaotic thoughts, emotions and all the discerting experiences I'd been through into words on paper; turned into a quest, a challenge and a goal in life: share and enlighten and give back some of the HOPE and LOVE OF LIFE I was given in my darkest hours!

The internet is a wonderful medium to reach out to others, who otherwise would not be so easily reached.
This is a NON COMMERCIAL web site with absolutely NO MONETARY ambitions but solely using the free resources graciously provided by Geocities to spread some LIGHT and HOPE to those that need it, anywhere!

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If you are BILINGUAL and interested in reading / learning more about Mental Health issues,
please visit "Trimbos Intitute, Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction".
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