Get Your Own Back
Why not try one of the following on a friend or colleague:-
1. Leave a message on their desk asking them to return 'Liz's' call and give them the number to Buckingham Palace. The Palace's number is (020) 1234 5678.

      Variation to this.
      Mr. C. Lion. (Bristol Zoo Number 0117        )
      Mr. I. Brady (Parkhurst prison number is 123456789)
      Mr. Mike Hunt (any 'easygoing' person - pronounce it)
      Mr. Ivor Bigan (as above)

2. When not at their desk, cut a small peice of clear sellotape and stick it firmly over the holes in the mouthpiece of their phone. Sit back and laugh whilst they become frustrated cos the person on the other end of the line cant hear them.

3. Selotape the handset of the phone to the actual phone. When they return, ring them and watch as the whole phone gets picked up!

4. Superglue everything thats on their desk to their desk.

5. Go into the office early and sneak into the womens toilets. Stretch a piece of cling-film over the pan, under the seat. When they sit on it and let one drop, imaging their face as it doesnt 'plop'.

6. During the hot weather of summer, many people wear their trainers without wearing socks. Because of the odour, many choose to put their trainers into the washing machine and peg out on the line to dry. If you can 'borrow' these hung out trainers for a few minutes, remove the insoles and line with rashers of uncocked bacon. Replace the insoles thus consealing any visual evidence. Imaging the smell when the person again starts wearing them!!!!

7. If you handy with electronics and have access to a 'mates' car for a while, why not wire the brake pedal to the horn. Everytime her presses the pedal, the horn will sound. Ive done this and its hilarious!

8. Remove the keypad of your 'mates' mobile phone. Watch as you ring them and they wont be able to answer the call.