FREE, Animated 3D Clocks, for your PC desktop.
These clocks move, make sounds, give messages and reminders and send invitations. It's easy to download free additional animations and sounds effects for your clocks. Use 'em, enjoy 'em, they're yours. Really!
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are all working alarm clocks that will surprise you with their ingenious animated gymnastics and wake-me-up sounds. You'll never get bored with the design of CLOCK DOMAIN.COM clocks. Not only is each model beautifully rendered in high resolution 3D graphic quality, but an easy-to-use skin exchange feature lets you program a change in clock display on a regular basis. Just download them to your PC in a few easy steps! Amusing and clever animations programmed into each clock. We've got something that fits your mood, interests, personality and style. Great as presents for friends and family. Use them to send special surprise messages.
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