Welcome back to my dingy little dimension, after eons of non-updating. It's good to be back, isn't it? Well, trust me, you were missed.

I'm still editing this page so there's not a whole lot to put here yet. I'm working on it, trust me. I'd be a smart ass but I'm too damn tired.

If I happened to be Scot
I really would drink alot,
I'd have no guilt in wearing a kilt,
But sadly Scot I'm not.

update 10/5/05: It appears I am in college now. It also appears that I have, against all evidence, not forgotten this site. But see here...we're up and moving. That's right. New home for me, new home for UnCollected. Pardon our dust while we (the royal we!) recollect all our uncollectedness and gather our wits about us at a new domain (somewhere where a Laughing Squid is our most gracious host, and a Red Crow pays our rent).

Change is good. Let go.

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