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Fun Piņatas makes piņatas for all sorts of parties. Use them for office parties, birthdays, get-togethers, aniversaries, or anything else!

About the Piņatas

The piņata is used in many cultures around the world to celebrate a variety of events, from birthdays, to coming of age, to matrimony. The bursting forth of the piņata represents plenty, surprise and joy. A piņata is fun for kid and adults a like. I have lived and traveled in many countries where the piņata is used and I have learned a variety of techniques to make them. My piņatas are made using time-honored techniques and each one is an individually hand crafted paper-mache sculpture which combines esthetically pleasing designs with rugged functionality. All of my designs are original.

Services offered:

Each one of the designs can be found as:
  • Traditional or Pull String Piņatas
  • Table Decoration Piņatas
  • Paper sculptures for decorating the party room.

    I can also make a piņata in almost any design that the customer may wish.
    Email me with your desired piņata design and details. Please include your name and email. I will email you back telling you if the design is possible.
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    Contact information: FUN PIŅATAS
    Telephone: 410 -381- 7034