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Last Updated: August 27, 2002

UPDATE: Okay! I recieved another award and linked to someone else's site!

New Episode!

SUMMARY: All poor Bubbles wants to do on the playground is draw with chalk. Buttercup, however, insists that the blacktop is for games. They get into a fight that ends with Bubbles bursting into tears and flying off into the woods. While weeping on a tree stump, a chalk box magically appears and cute furries jump out of the woods holding magic chalk. A butterfly that looks suspiciously like Him explains that Bubbles can go anywhere and do anything with the chalk. Bubbles draws dozens of happy pictures, all of which make her happier. Then she draws angry pictures that make her feel angry. The pictures come to life and terrorize the schoolyard. Only by expressing her anger in a positive way does Bubbles defeat them.

Righty then! My opinion: It was like watching a long episode of the show with enhanced graphics and animation sequences. It tracked Mojo's first diabolical scheme ever and the Girls' quest for love and acceptance. Click to see page 1 or 2 of my local newspaper review.

Have you seen the Scooby Doo movie? There is a PPG reference! Scrappy-Doo: I'm as cute as any Powerpuff Girl! I'll just go and get my own show! Just thought you might like to know. ;}

The Powerpuff Girls:

Pint-sized, crime fighting super heros of Townsville dedicated to saving the world before bedtime. Using teamwork and cooporation, they best the best villians in the business while cuddling their stuffed animals and (in Buttercup's case) their blankies. (I am a good fighter... I am a good fighter...)

The world of Townsville is a happy, glowing communtiy interrupted every other day or so by evil do-ers such as Mojo Jojo, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and the occational ooey, gooey slop monster.

The Powerpuff Girls deserve a break every once in a while, which brings you to my site. This is a kick-back-and-relax kind of place where you can mess around and have fun. Please Enjoy!

Astoundingly Evil Crimes
What is the best scheme launched by one of Townsville's villains?

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