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The first thing anybody needs for their vehicle is a stereo. It doesn't matter if you have a truck or a car. A great place to check out stereo equipment is Here is a list of manufacturers...

  1. Kenwood
  2. Clarion
  3. JBL Audio
  4. Kicker
  5. Sony
CD Player

I personally checked out some of these sites just to see what they have. Then I went to WeeBee Audio and found a receiver, the KDC-PS709, that I liked. Although the Head Unit is the most important purchase, according to me, there are others that you make also. The next purchase that I made was my 4" Eclipse coaxials. (Thanks to my brother for the installation) These puppies sound extremely good. Finally, I received a pair of Alpine 3-way 6*9s and boxes. These puppies sounded good, but there was one thing missing. Bass, I mean the speakers had bass, but it was extremely tight because of the sealed enclosure. So my brother and I drilled two 1 1/4" holes in each of them. After that, the bass sounded pretty good. There was still one thing missing.6*9s I couldn't put my seat back the whole way. (as you can see it's not extended cab) Well, I finally decided to build a board that my 6*9s could lay in.


Me, being the customizing nut that I am, I felt something else was missing for my truck. I wanted lighting. Lighting is a very important part. I decided to order some neon tubes from my trusty Crutchfield catalog. So, I ordered them and a few days later they arrived. Now, for pussies, they come with cigarette lighter plugs, but I wanted to be a real man and hard wire them.

Remember, before messing with anything...

  1. Turn off your engine (duh)
  2. Find your fuse block
  3. Look at possibly adding a fuse for the lights
  4. If not adding a fuse, find a fuse for interior lights or one that isn't used
  5. If you made it this far, do the rest yourself

Finally, I found spots for placing my neons. I had the black light hooked up to where my interior light was, but it got annoying not being able to see things at night. So, I hooked everything up to switches.Switches My red neons are under both my seats, and my black light is up above my seat by my interior light.Black Light

Red Neons


Last Updated: September 19, 2001
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Tips by: Z-Man