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Emulator with ROMs, Starcraft Maps, Unreal Tournament Maps

Unreal Tournament Maps

I have many Unreal Tournament Maps from which I downloaded and think they are worthy to be in my unreal tournament map collection. I also have a mod, called strangelove, which, when used, lets you ride the Redeemer and fly it around.  Unfortunately bonus packs would take up too much space on my geocities server.


as-central.zip  as-instigator.zip  as-lavafort.zip  as-prisson.zip  as-resurrection.zip  


dm-affinity.zip  DM-Raiden.zip  dm-seraphim.zip


Emulator and ROMs

I don't want to include too many things on this site. So I will only include NESTICLE, a Nintendo Emulator.

     Contra		ExciteBike	        Gunsmoke		Paperboy
     Rcproam		Rcproam 2		Skate or die		Super Mario Bros. 3

Starcraft Maps

Original Starcraft maps v1.4: A Space Map and The revision of it, A Protoss and Terran Campaign, and An Island map

Brood War Maps: A map from a buddy of mine

I'm still working on my Unreal Tournament section.
To come: UT mods and maybe a few maps
Last updated:  September 19, 2001
Creator:  Funtman 1