Street Luge

This is the team.  We call ourselves team SpyderKO.

This is me, Funtman, I don't have much experience when it comes to luging, but so far I like it.  This is what I wear every time I go luging.  It seems to work fine for as many times as I wreak.

My Board is made with two pieces of 2x4 and some five ply plywood.  It holds up fine for what I do.  My wheels and trucks were bought from Dregs Skateboards.  The board is the fastest out of the teams', but I have slowed it down because it scares me to death on our mile course.

Oswald's board is made from chipboard and 2x4s it doesn't hold up real well, but it seems to work for the time being.  Aparently, he also wants his head to be comfortable.

 This is Chad.  He's the fastest right now.  He's also the one who finds us other neighborhoods to race.  I've ridden his board, and it's pretty stable.  The only reason I like mine better is because I have more room, and mine is a smoother ride.

Notice the duct tape on the shoes.  They kinda get worn out from stopping.

Last Updated: September 19, 2001
Under Construction Comming Soon: Luge notes
Created By: Funtman