Psycho, by Alfred Hitchcock

In her cabin, , wearing a glossy robe, is seated at the desk with pencil, paper, and bankbook. She is calculating the amount of the stolen she spent and must replace. She tears up the slip of paper and is about to toss it into the wastebasket, but thinks better of it and takes it into the bathroom where she flushes it down the toilet. She then closes the door, removes her robe, and steps into the bathtub. She draws the curtain closed and unwraps a bar of soap. She turns on the shower. As she is showering, through the shower curtain we see the door open. A shadow approaches, then a hand swiftly throws open the curtain. turns and sees the backlit figure of a woman with a large bread knife in her raised hand. screams. The woman stabs repeatedly. Naked, , and in shock, screams while trying to ward off the assault with her . But the attack is relentless. The scene is intensified by searing background music that seems to slash and scream. Abruptly the onslaught ends and the woman exits. silently downward against the wall. Her hand reaches forward to grab the shower curtain. The hooks pop and snap off the bar as her falling weight tears the curtain loose. She lands head first on the tile floor, half her hanging on the tub.


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Created by: Funtman
Last updated: September 19, 2001