Hardware Specs:

Processor: 900MHz Athalon Thunderbird

Motherboard: DFI AK74-EC


Video Card: Sniper M - TNT2 M64 Graphics Processor

Modem: 56K V.90 - Generic

Ethernet: 10/100 Mb - Generic

Storage Devices:

Floppy: 3.5" 

Primary IDE:

    Hard Drive: 30.7 GB Western Digital 5400 RPM

    CDROM: 52X Delta

Secondary IDE:

    CDRW: 12X/4X/32X Zip CD

    ZIP:  100MB Internal Zip

Input Devices:

Mouse:  Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical

Keyboard:  Logitech Internet Keyboard

Joystick:  Logitech Wingman

Output Devices:

Monitor:  Proview 17"

Speakers: Altech Lansing Multimedia (College)/Stereo (Home)


    This is the first computer I built. I bought most of the components at the computer show. I enjoyed building it, and I also enjoyed going to the shows. I went to all of the shows with a good buddy of mine, Matt Oswald. However, I put the computer together by myself.

Created by: Zach Funt
Last Updated: September 19, 2001
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