All About Me-Kari
The name says it all.  I am fun to love and love to have fun!  Thank you for stopping by.  Hope we can get to know each other better.     Like I said I love to have a good time -but what really turns me on is intelligence.  A smart guy will win me over.  You can see me on cam most nights -very rarily will I show the bottom half.  Only select few (intellgent, sexy) men have seen that!  And if you send me your cam and all I see is your dick -well then expect me to ignore you. That is such a turn off.  I like the brain in your skull not your "head"!  Here are some pics -more info below
What to do? What to do?
Tired, Bored Kari
I love to kiss!
Just a peek!
Somebody made me laugh!
So most of you ask -what do I do?  Who am I?  My name is Kari and I am 25.  I am married and have 2 beautiful miracles in my life.  They are 2 and 4.  They take up most of my time.  If I ever disappear from cam it is because of them.  I usually never say be back.  Just assume if cam is still on -that I will be back.  Again a reminder for you men who just can't get it.  I do not take requests.  I do whatever I want -whenever I want to do it.  The more you ask -the less I do.        My job is at home. I am a home health aide to my mother.  Long story short -she has had 29 miny and major strokes.  Leaving her with a brain disease and 24 hour around the clock care. Hence -another reason I may up and leave the cam.  Married life is getting better I must say.  He has a major drinking problem -but I think wants to finally fix it. We'll see!  Meanwhile, I am just here to have fun, meet new people, laugh, chat, cry, discuss, and just live life a little more happily!
There are a few people on here that have made me so happy and always make me smile!  They are the reason I am smiling in these photos!  They in a way -keep me going in my hectic everyday life!  I just want to say thank you to them:  Steve (I love you baby!) -you make me feel like a real woman! You are the light in my day!  Damian (Too sweet) -you know how to brighten my day baby!  I love talking with you.  Terrance (Long Time Friend) -you made me take a look at my life -made me believe I am better then that.  So -this is all because of you. I love you!  There are many other people -but the list goes on.  Thank you though!  It took a bunch of strange men (now great friends) to make me believe I am something.  I love you all for that!
What else can I say?  Let's see. Other things I like to do is play games. My all time favorite is scrabble!  Big excitement huh?  LOL  I am the best -nobody can beat me!  But I am up for any challenge you may offer!  Another love of mine is photography!  Mostly of my children.  But I think pictures just tell a story -and I love stories.  I like to learn..and what I mean by that is -there is more to people then you know.  If I can learn something from someone online -then hey -that makes me all the more better.  Whether it be something about relationships or a new sexual position to try -I am eager to know all and improve my life.  So that is me!  Hope you had fun reading.  This was fun putting together.  Take care.
"Every passing minute
is another chance
to turn things around."