Frank Warner's Motorcycling; Trips, Info and Projects.

      Frank Warner's Motorcycling

Some information, ideas and notes together with travel notes that may be of benefit.
Enjoy. If you quote me (the info on following pages) I would like an acknowledgment.

Trips (3k) March 2003 Motorcycle trip notes/photos that I have done or am thinking of doing.

Australian Rally Annual Calendar (21k) March 2002 A guide to regular rallies and events.

Motorcycle Projects and Information (4k) 2004. Things I have done, or am thinking of doing.

A Guide on what to do. (3k) September 2001 What to do riding, camping and other activities?

Links (15k) March 2002 Some pages that I have found useful.

Australian Native Birds (40k) Sept 2001 - Photos from my backyard.

How and why I did this. (5k) March 2002.

Future motorcycle tour plans?!

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