moneygirls Wallpaper 
Portrait Nichole Teen Beauties Tiffany
Nikole Anna Kissing Tomomi
Legends Amanda Molly Karina
Nicole Bailey Nikole2 Sunny
Sarah Teen Bikinis Teen Beauties Robin
Ellie Rachael Molly3 Olga
Reika Chie Jenna Winona
Faith Nicole2 Melissa Portraits5

I may eventually design a site around my wallpapers but for now, here they are. :)
All the original trademarks for whom they were created for still remain.
All of them are at 1024x768 and embellished in 32 bit True Color.
Most of them are large in file size and can be up to 500 kb.
Many of them are still the best real teen girls on the web today.
My sincere thanks and gratitude go to Atomic Frog at Teenplanet for the original
idea and being the first to publish my works.

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Bringing beauty to life.