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Fushigi Yugi - The Ultimate

Yup! Fushigi Yugi! Fushigi Yugi is an anime I admire so much because of its original story. When two girls get sucked into a book to ancient china. Where have you ever heard of an anime like that! So it's soooooo original! Ofcourse, it's graphics are so well made. I can just say now Yuu Watase is sooo great! For the starters, please go to "Summary".

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For the people out there who are just starters in being a fushigi yugi fan, the story goes like this.

There were two average girls from an average school, living an average life until that magical day. Miaka and Yui went to their every day, average library. Miaka then dropped her money while she was putting it into this vending machine (baka! Baka!). Well we can't blame her for that now! Anyway, there was a red light that led them into this incantation book. They started reading it and well, I guess they weren't smart enough to recognize what the book said. It said "Anybody who reads this will have to finish it to th end and will be granted 3 wishes…" Well, sort of like that! They continued, not knowing what will happen to them. Eventually, they get sucked into the book. They encountered some perverts, while they are in there, fortunately, they meet this way-out-of-this-world cute guy named Tamahome! Yup! It’s the leading man! And so, there it begins.

I guess "ai wa hikaru seiza" for miaka and tamahomes love! Oopsie! Sory if I spilled the beans for ya! I wasn't supposed to spill it! He!He!He! Have fun anyway! =^..^= <- I'm ashamed!

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