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Welcome to the new home for what used to be 4yponline.com

Welcome! This used to be 4yponline.com, a fan site for the band Four Years Past, hailing from Florida. Unfortunately, in September 2003, they decided to go their seperate ways. Since it doesn't really seem necessary to pay for a domain name for a fan site on a band that no longer exists, we decided to move the site here, back to its original home - a free Geocities site. We decided to just keep it online as an archive of our work in "pinping" the band. We wish the members of the band all the best in the world, and hope they can each find success on their own terms.

The new songs are here!

Go to the Screamline website and click the "launch player" icon - then listen to All Away, These Hands, and Traitor - the 3 newest 4YP songs! You can also hear the previously released songs Unspoken, Sadly Now, and Patiently. Special thanks to Belinda (BeenFlipped) for posting this link on our message board.

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We are not members of Four Years Past or their management, and have no affiliation with them. This is simply a fan site, put together to help promote this awesome band.