The Stuka...from the plans by Nick Zirolli

This project started in the year 2000 and is now nearing completion. The model will be powered by a 3W 70cc single cylinder engine. All up weight will be in the region of 12 Kgs and the model will have working flaps, dive-brakes, bomb drop mechanism and siren. Oleos are Robart and wheel pants are fixed to the oleos, resulting in a replica of the full size mechanism.

The engine firewall had to be moved back to accomodate a custom made engine mount so that plenty of air is available at the carburettor intake at the rear end of the engine.

The finish was achieved by covering the model with .6 oz cloth and automotive paints. All lettering, decals, etc were sprayed on. Surface detail such as panel lines and rivets were done using 1mm printed circuit tape for panel lines, and scribing each individual rivet by a watchmakers screwdriver, and in other places, using thinned pvc glue and syringe technique.....

The model was flown successfully on the 20 March 2003 - no vices whatsoever - more than enough power for take-off - just over half throttle - very stable - no trim changes - landings, as usual with large models, have to be done using throttle, and the model keeps flying even at very low speeds - flaps were tried up high, resulting in a slight nose down pitch - this will be compensated by up elevator trim programmed in the Tx.

The only items remaining to make the model even more scalish is a siren and a bomb drop - looking around to add these features!!
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The Nieuport.....from the Proctor kit

Another long term project which took over 2 years to complete. The model was constructed exactly as per kit, and included all the details in the full size structure which cannot be seen in the finished model. Automotive paints were also used. Decals were painted by hand and the "Hat in ring" logo was made from a computer print out. Power is provided by a Saito 150 4-stroke engine which provides more than ample power. The model weighs 7.5 Kgs and is a dream to fly. Slow graceful flight enveope is a joy to watch. Ailerons had to be coupled with 30% rudder throw in order to achieve graceful turns.