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If you are visiting this link before the others, I suggest you browse through the others first.  In this page I will be including all the links I know of related to this wonderful hobby of ours.  Clicking on each link will hopefully take you there.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish me to include your site.  My e-mail address is

Commercial Links

Our Local distributor - he has everything!!!

The site in which most modellers will get lost!
You can browse here for lots of things
The site for your art deco, graphics, etc
How about stopwatches?
Large models plans galore!!
Software for drawing our plans
Another large engine site
Lots of things from here!
And from here as well!
Earn some money
Another provider of model goods
And yet another software product connected with our hobby
Blimps for hire
For selling or exchanging your wares
If you want batteries, click here
Another big store for you
If it's sailplanes which turn you on, click here
For all types of bearings
If warbirds turn you on
Still more browsing
Giant Scale Air Racing Headquarters
The complete Index - Try this one!
This is a manufacturer of big birds
The best products are here
Electric Flight
Model jet engines!!!  - THE Turbine!!!
More jet engines
More jet engines
Excellent jet kits and accessories
For documentation on scale models
Large and small models here
A good source of model supplies
Tuned pipes
Kits from US of A
It's balsa from the USA!!

Clubs, Associations and home pages
From the US of A
A club from Ireland - worth looking at
Lee's Original R/c aircraft Club
For some humour and a good page, click here
Toine Martens' Home page from the Netherlands
The International Miniature Aircraft Association
For electric flight enthusiasts
For a bit on everything - very exhaustive!
 A home page for pattern fliers

The home page from the Peak district, UK

Another home page from UK

Another home page from UK

And Another....

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