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My name is Brian Barwick, a retired electronics engineer living in a tiny weavers cottage on the Pennines, near to Golcar, 6 miles west of Huddersfield in northern England. I live alone with my 'best friend' who is Penny, a beautiful brown and white Border collie dog, she is excellent company.  Where I live, on the edge of the Pennines, a chain of hills running up the middle of England, sometimes called the backbone of Britian. Being on the Pennine way, a very popular hiking walk, there is plenty of chances to see various wildlife, including lots of kestrals. Looking out from my windows across the fields I also see sheep and cows grazing, very peaceful, very relaxing and very nice! I am also a fully licenced radio amateur, call sign G0HRF, not too active at present, but, now having retired should give me lots more time to call 'CQ'  Electronics and audio are also passions of mine, particulary building electronic audio projects etc..................
Hello !
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Name: Brian Barwick  G0HRF
Email: brian@barwick.biz