and life after retirement.

By Gary West
1968 - 1992
Like many a "Phantom Phanatic" the 31st October 1992 spelt the end of an era for me.  The Phantom retires from the RAF after 24 years service, and brings with it too, an end to many of the user squadrons.    I had feared an end to my interest in military aviation too- after all, what could replace the supreme and awesome F4 Phantom...nothing!

I tried to find refuge in Tornado's, Jaguars and any other military jet aircraft that could inspire me to feel the way I did about the Phantom - in the end, I decided that the end should become just the beginning.  These pages are dedicated to British Phantoms, their crews, and those who tragically died flying them -  "life after retirement".
FG1 (F4K)
FGR.2 (F4M)
Phantom Grave yard.
Phantom Accidents & official reports.
In search of Phantoms.
Phantom Phorum.
Meet the Crews.
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"The sun finally sets on the Phantom"
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