Wow.  Been a real long time since I've updated this site, but I'm back after a busy hiatus...

I will do my best to get www.g1legend.com up and running.

My Legend is still running strong like bull, except for the major fact it needs an exterior makeover bigtime.  I'm hoping to get a paintjob as well as new rims, so I can't wait.


In recent news:
     I had an incident (again) cruising down Beach Blvd,  This time I ran over something, probably a brick or something that ruptured my transmission.  So I'm currently KIA with both my Legends.  Fortunately, I still have the first Legend that I crashed, so she can serve as a tranny donor.
     In addition I just had a major breakthrough with my battle against AAA (the insurance company that won't give me money even though the accident wasn't my fault).  I hired an attorney and just today we settled out of court.  Which means $$$.
     Also I will be getting out of this cheapie Geocities site and moving into an actual website (domain name and all).  So I WILL be needing your support soon.  So look out for that, and thanks for stopping by...

It seems that A-L.com's forum has been down for quite some time.  For an alternate forum go to AcuraWorld.com.  Join the rest of us G1 modders there...
Sorry I haven't posted up pics of the eyelids.  They aren't painted which means that they're not finished, but I still am wanting to get them online for your viewing delight.  I'll try to get them next week.

Eyelids are finished!  They came out pretty good IMO.  The only part that looks 'off' is the place where the hood, headlight, and grill meet at the top.  I guess I miscalculated the angles somewhere down the line, but other than that they're gonna look pretty sick when its down.  Now to come up with enough cash to get my car repainted...
Pics and How-To coming soon.

I was finally able to add the description for the strut bar mod install.  Enjoy.
Also, I've decided on using GTStyling headlight covers as a way of making eyelids.  All I need now is to find the actual time to fit it and cut it. I'll add pics once I finish.

The strut bar has been modded (using a hacksaw) and installed.  Turning has been noticeably improved giving the front end a tighter feel and the ability to take corners like I stole the car.  Now I'll begin working on the eyelid project.  I'll update you on the progress.

The 'new' car's been almost completely fixed up: the busted fender's been replaced, and so has the radiator.  All it needs now are a new set of rims and a fresh coat of Midnight Blue.
Nothing's new other than the fact I've been really thinking about making some headlight eyelids for my car, and maybe "mass" producing some if any are interested.  I'm thinking of either using rubber or making my own out of fiberglass.
I'm also waiting on an order of a APC strut bar to come in so I can install it under the hood.  Unless you don't know
click here, cuz there are strut bars that can be modded to fit our cars.
I've also registered my car (finally) into www.cardomain.com, so go check it out by clicking on [
MY CAR] on the side.
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