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Hehe~ Sorry if I offended anybody wit my previous messages~!!!!~!
What up? This is My Site- just look at the upper right hand corner. 

12/20/99- The first version of my site goes up
7/05/00- Site sucks.  Gives up.
September of 2001- Critics make the counter jump to 7.
October of 2001- I replace site; make evangelion and love hina
11/12/01-First UPDATE!!! ok now I've got Tenchi Muyo! and Outlaw star
12/07/01-Second UPDATE!!! I'm on a role now!  Check out FLCL.
1/22/02-Yo YO YO! What'z up my homies! (is that how you spell it?) well this is my third UPDATE...~! I think this is going to be a monthly thingy.... but that's OK~! because nobody comes to this website anyway~! Just look at my COUNTER~...

YO YO YO!!! END OF EVANGELION is COMING TO THEATERS this summer!!! OBOY! Prepare for a repeat of Princess Mononoke!

YO YO YO!!!! WHEN IS THE FREAKING BONE MOVIE GOIN TO COME OUT~! It's was scheduled for last year but mannnnnnn what's goin on? lets all go and write complaints! go to
www.boneville.com !

2/28/02-  hey... this is getting tiresome but~ I just finished Cowboy Bebop and its the best thing since Eva... y'know it's better though... yawn some more.... Cowboy Bebop movie coming out sometime this year... just thought y'll should know see....

10/05/02-  Sorry bout the lag but I was bored with this site... anyway~ I saw spirited away~ great movie! some day I'll put it on here but now... nah~!!~!~

01/20/04- It's been a while~  Good memories...  I lost my drive for anime but I still picked up Kenshin... good good~