Heart Pacemaker.

My experience in the Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, England. From pre-admission to the fitting of a pacemaker.

Glenfield Hospital Cardiac dept fits approximately 18,000 units a year.

Pre-Admission is an appointment a few days before your admission, just to fill in the forms to get an insight into your medical background, to see if you have any allergies, the taking of an ECG, etc, it takes about 45 minuets.

Admission, was for 1300 hrs, I was shown to a bed, given a theatre gown and a pair of pants to put on. A Doctor came to me and explained the procedure and I signed the consent form. They put a catheter in the vein in the back of the hand, I was then wheeled to the theatre on the bed, and I was transferred on to the operating table, they then gave me a local anaesthetic, and the procedure began. The surgeon made a small incision in the collarbone area this is where the pacemaker will sit. Then he finds the correct vein to put the electrodes down to the heart (it was a dual-chamber pacing) the team are monitoring your heart all the time and you can watch the whole operation on the monitor screens if you wish. They then connect the Medtronic pacemaker to the electrodes and tucked them just under the skin and you are stitched up with dissolvable stitches, a dressing is put over the wound. They place a pad over the pacemaker and program it to your individual needs. The hole of the procedure is without any pain and discomfort. On arrival back in the ward you are placed on a heart monitor for two hours and x-rayed to make sure the electrodes are in place. If all is well home in a few hours.

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