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Whatever your business is & wherever you live in this world, there is a time where you sit and start thinking about the coming days and about how everything could look like! You can start your first step by imagination & contemplation, followed by the transformation of your ideas into rendered images or animated pictures, using your powerful computer graphic illustrators.

GoldenJet fighter Download GoldenJet AutoCAD 3D drawing file

With my humble career in the ever existing widest fields of the aviation world, I would like to offer the Internet users some of my visions in this domain: samples of aircraft projects implemented by AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design), 3D programs & graphic illustrators such as Adobe PhotoShop & Corel Draw…

Some designers and I, would still rather draw our preliminary sketches conventionally, on ordinary paper, as apparently bare hands carry the natural feelings that could easily and quickly transmit your thoughts better than any other facility. But later on, we considerably pour our ideas into our fascinating electronic waves that enlighten our drawings on the screen which we proceed our work on, by meshing the vehicle structure by CAD.

Sometimes using PhotoShop for coloring scanned sketches by Linear Gradient Tools, could bring out your imagination to an approaching image, as I simply attempted to do so, with a side-by-side 2-seat training jet , which resulted in giving the black & white picture, a new colorful life.

2-Seat training jet

2-Seat training jet

But the most important & valuable procedure that can be done with a lot of excitement, is  by Animation, which can be realized on 3D illustrators such as 3D Studio MAX or Light Wave... From AutoCAD 3D drawing worked with Surfaces & Solids then exported as file type 3D Studio (*.3ds), you must prepare an image for the background and appropriate materials desired for your scene, meanwhile, by fixing cameras and lights in the right position, you can proceed your motion picture , by creating several paths for some objects; like releasing drop tanks during a dogfight while the fighter is rolling & turning to aim a sidewinder missile at a moving enemy plane, then launching his weapon with a flaming fire to hit the target. Meanwhile again, the camera moves on a defined path around the whole scene...

Download, unzip & play in RealPlayer

Download, unzip & play in QuickTime

In 1975, I sent proposal layout blueprints of the Tricomet, a triple engine powered fighter, to Northrop Corporation and Canadair, where they've been approved by both aviation companies, as an advanced approach to modern aircraft design concepts.

Tricomet front elevation cutaway view          Tricomet side elevation cutaway view          Tricomet plan cutaway view

              Front View                   Side View                    Plan View

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