Gordon McKinlay
Hi there.  This is a pretty pathetic attempt at using Yahoo Page Builder to create a web page.

I've actually got another couple of web sites which have a bit more information on them.  See the links section below. Of course, now that Web 2.0 is the big thing you can have a look at my blog at

To fill up this page a bit:

Until November 2003 I was Principal Teacher of Computing at Greenock Academy.  I have now started as Education Adviser in
Renfrewshire. I am involved with SQA, I do voluntary work for Scripture Union and my local Church (Newton Mearns Baptist).

I became a radio amateur in 1981 as GM6AWE, then GM0IVQ in 1990.  The family got in the way for while so I have not been that active until this year..  You can find out what I have been doing recently by clicking

Not very intersting, is it?

Maybe I'll update this some time.

Gordon McKinlay
updated 19/08/06
This picture is not great but at least it is a bit more recent than the one that used to be here!
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