Welcome to Oakwoods, the home of Baron Gideon Redoak, Joshua Trevallion, Evan Jones, Mitch Pritchard, Smoke, Pumpkin, Warg and Calvin, the demonic horse.

For a glance at the beautiful white gold wedding rings that the Baron and Joshua had made for them, you may look here: Wedding rings.

The Brotherhood FAQ needs serious updating, so it has been temporarilly removed from circulation until snowballs fly through hell, or until the Alter Ego has time to fix it, whichever comes first. It can still be read on Centre Stage (link below) for the curious.

For the stories concerning Baron Gideon Redoak, his friends, companions and critters, and some other unrelated fiction, please have a look at: Fraser's Fractured Fiction . Please note that much of this fiction concerns the relationship between two gay men.

There is now a portrait gallery of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Portrait gallery .

There is now also a portrait gallery of the Council of European Princes Princes On Parade .

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