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All About Renee
Welcome to my Gabrielle Page.She is the lovable,energetic friend of Xena herself.We first met her when her village was saved by the Warrior Princess and the rest is history.She went from a peaceful bard to a mighty warrior.Her life was full of danger,love,war,and peace.She is my absolute favorite character.This is my site deticated to her!Hope you like it.I also love horses so I have included them in some of the disigns and artwork around the site!Ares,Callisto,and of course Xena are also some of my favorite characters so I will also include them in some artwork. Don't forget to sign my guest book on your way out!
DISCLAIMER:This is a fan site only.I do not own any of the rights to Xena Warrior Princess.All rights belong to Renissance Pictures,MCA,andUniversal.
All artwork created for this page belongs to me,Shannon,so please do not use any the artwork without my permission.
I am also a big fan of subtext!So don't be surprised to see some hints of it throughout the website.