Gabe's Mighty Reach to Other Places and People

Here lies below a trove of places where one can tread. Allez!


Andrew "Tux" Cheng
Drew's page is one covered with random mumblings of Counter-Strike, killer penguins, and listings of classes he occasionally attends.

Brett "Drifty" Cannon
Drifty's page is split in two, his "old-school" rants and his more up-to-date ramblings of "Daily Crap". Quite amusing from time to time...

Jerylin Gan
What can I say? She's one of my favorite gals... with a penchant for annoying her apartment-mates and a fondness for catalogues galore. She's one of a kind... ;)

Jackie "Jackstorm" Chow
Jackie is Jerylin's roommate. Jackie draws well. Jackie has a uniquely distinctive personality. I shall not dwell upon this any longer... enjoy her pictures!


Seekers Fellowship
A Catholic Bible Study/Fellowship group that meets at Newman Hall at the University of California, Berkeley. Check it out!

Watermark Youth Group
The youth group I got involved in many years ago and am still involved with currently (whether it be helping out with the teenage Bible studies, CCD, or with the non-Chinese-speaking Young Adult group). This group is affiliated with the San Jose Chinese Catholic Community located at St. Clare's Church in Santa Clara County.

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