Welcome! If you are intrested in joining our guild then please fill out this application form and submit it, we will get back to you as soon as possible and in the mean time please enjoy our forums.
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Character Name:

Were you recommended to join DIVERSITY by a current member? If so, who?
Are you friends with any current or previous DIVERSITY members? If so, who?
Level: Hours playing WoW per week

What is your main reason for wanting to join DIVERSITY? Trade Skills:

What do you expect from DIVERSITY?

What can DIVERSITY expect from you?

Have you ever been a member of a raiding guild before? If so, which one? Also, name the GM and at least 1 officer.

Why did you leave your previous guild?

Have you ever been kicked from a guild? If so, why?

Name one major problem with a previous guild and how could it have been fixed?

Who was somebody that you absolutely could not get along with or did not see eye to eye with in a previous guild, and why not? ( it is not required to name the player unless you feel comfortable doing so)

Are you in school? College? Work? Possibly between jobs/school and currently available 24/7?

Have you read the DIVERSITY guild rules? Are there any that you disagree with and if so, why?

What is the maximum amount of days a week that you could raid? What would be your ideal amount of days to raid?

Are you expecting anything to happen within the next 6 months that may change your availability?
Yes  No         If yes, explain:

Do you ever experience issues with your computer that cause lag or disconnects? (BE HONEST!) If so, are you expecting to be buying a new system very soon?
Yes  No         Replacing?  Yes  No

Are you well experienced in installing, utilizing, and updating add-ons?
Yes  No         If yes, which ones:

Name any alts you may want to bring into the guild:

Did you complete any raids on a regular basis before Patch 3.0 (Burning Crusade or Pre-BC? If so, which ones, and how many times do you think you completed them?

Do you have any experience leading a raid group?

Who was the hardest boss you ever fought and why was that fight so hard?

Are you always able to afford the best gems and enchantments? If so, do you buy them whenever possible?

Do you have an Epic Flying Mount? Do you have more than one?

Do you PvP? If so, what was your highest achieved arena rating?

Are your 2 current professions maxed? Do you have high-level fishing or cooking?

Applying as "Friends and Family"? Name of current member that is your friend or family
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