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Hey mates!

Welcome to my little corner of the www. :)

Writing is my passion and I decided to post some of my fanfics here - just in case Hyperboard's server 3 eats up NWP again. (Which, by the way, was
not funny.)

The careful reader might notice the ratings in brackets beneath the story title. I adapted the film-ratings, since I guess everyone's familiar with those. Pick your choice.

I assume that when you read a story rated with NC-17 or R you're actually old enough to read that stuff. Just so as we're clear.

These are
fictional stories. I make no money out of them. Yes, I actually do this for fun. See disclaimers in stories' headers. The characters don't belong to me, but the stories do. Please don't sue and don't steal.

Feedback is always appreciated.

And now - enjoy.

And here be the fanfiction - in chronological order per fandom.
Happy reading.
Dark Angel:
Catch my fall (NC-17)
Best shot (NC-17)
Rider in the storm (NC-17)
Chances (NC-17)
Brown out (NC-17)
3-21 (NC-17)
Hold my breath (PG-13)
Playing God (R)
Nightly (PG-13)
First Christmas (PG-13)
Snowflake (PG-13)
The cure (PG-13)
Suffer well (PG-13)
Romance and all that jazz (PG-13)
Yadda Yadda, Bang Bang (PG-13)
Chapter one
Work in progress:
Yadda Yadda, Bang Bang (PG-13)
Chapter two
Yadda Yadda, Bang Bang (PG-13)
Chapter three
Yadda Yadda, Bang Bang (PG-13)
Chapter four
Find Serenity (PG13)
Chicks do it write
Nuns with Pens
Roondrops - Simply Roonique
Make my day shiny: