Pro-Life Movement is Having Strong Impact on Nation

With Sanctity of Human Life Sunday approaching (Jan. 23), there is cause for rejoicing among the camp of pro-lifers:

Because according to recent CDT headlines, the number of abortions is declining, due in part to efforts by pro-life organizations to educate couples of the human rights of the unborn.

Because Eric Harrah, former director of State College Medical Services, is still contributing to the pro-life cause, for Jesus aborted his ways.

Because the National Right to Life Committee has been rated by Fortune magazine as the eighth most powerful lobbying organization in Washington, D.C.

Because my wife and I are expecting our first child, and it will be loved and raised in a Christian home.

Because Jesus still offers forgiveness and deliverance to all in the abortion industry-- "Come unto me, and I will give you rest."

Former abortion clinic director and owner Carol Everett, saved and now trying to save babies, writes in her book "Blood Money":

"We did not discuss alternatives to abortion unless women forced us too...our clinics did 'abortions' on women who were not pregnant. A doctor would perform a sonogram and try to convince the patient she was really pregnant...our clinics completed over 500 abortions monthly, killing or maiming women at a rate of one per month."

Now is the time to remember a sordid industry that is greedy, deceptive and anti-woman. Vote pro-life on Nov. 7!

Rev. Gabriel J. Morley
January 18, 2000

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