Big Bang Theory Makes No Sense In Orderly World

Imagining that the orderly, designed universe was born from a random"BANG" of a ball losing its gravital hold on itself is like imagining that the organized, award-winning CDT is created by a tornado that plows through the printing equipment of the CDT building every midnight. I should like to give the CDT staff more credit than that, and I should like to give a Designer-God credit for actualizing a systematic world.

The CDT reported on Feb.11 that scientists have moved a step closer to understanding the Big Bang, having created a "primordial soup" of subatomic particles they "believe" resembles the universe during the early seconds of creation. I hope they are careful or they may produce a "bang" that could hurl the universe BACK into a tiny, compressed ball! 

Does it not seem more reasonable to hold that Mind formed matter than that matter gave rise to mind? Does not science prove that something cannot come from nothing? Where did this alleged "ball" come from? Why is there SOMETHING rather than nothing at all? Who gave this "ball" when it did not have to be given? Do not eggs become more disorganized, the longer they are scrambled?  

Atheistic scientists inevitably conclude that nonbeing is the ground upon which being exists. But I, as well as Von Braun, Newton, Galileo, Jefferson, and Lincoln, believe that God said it, and BANG! It happened!

John 1:3--"All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made."

Rev. Gabriel J. Morley
February 5, 2000

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