The February 24 sports section of the CDT gave me all the more
reason to continue my boycott of all professional sports. Sometimes I
find it difficult to distinguish between the court briefs of Centre
County [Pennsylvania] and the sports section because of the crimes committed by
particular players. The paper continues to reveal the insanity of Tyson,
and now reports the staggering amount of profanity, obscenity, and
immoral activity by WWF, the most contemptible of all sports.
    But to further anger me was to see that Mark McGwire, who I thought
might be of a different cut, instead of exhibiting an example of sterling
virtue, has landed in bed on screen with actress Helen Hunt. So, now
McGwire-idolizing American boys realize that home-runs and home-ruin are
both respectable. Illegal and immoral performance has inundated American
    This world has little to offer the moral minority, and that's why it
is inevitable that we look above hypocrisy and indecency and study the
source of Morality--God and the Bible. "Search the Scriptures for in
them ye have eternal life"(John 5:39). "Set your affection on things
above, not on things of the earth"(Colossians 3:2).
     Upon one thing Tyson and I agree, only I believe TVs should be thrown
into landfills rather than at law enforcers.

Rev. Gabriel J. Morley
February 24, 1999

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