Scouts Deserve Praise for Standing Up For Rights

How incredibly incongruous that a man who engages in clearly unnatural and aberrant behavior would want to be allowed to assist boys in an organization that obviously emphasizes nature, cleanliness, morality, and reverence! The 8/5/99 CDT revealed that the New Jersey Supreme Court supports James Dale, a homosexual who wants to over-ride the long-term principle of the Boy Scouts of excluding leaders who contradict Scout Law. Bravo to the Scouts for standing up for their right to discriminate(the word means "to distinguish carefully") against gross immorality and governmental intrusion!   I suggest that Mr. Dale establish a group called the GAY SCOUTS.  Let him and the militant homosexuals show the world how much more effective they can be at teaching love for nature, loyalty, friendliness, obedience, cleanliness, and reverence than the snobbish heterosexuals.  (I don't think the GAY SCOUTS would need to worry about Christians suing to become leaders or wanting their children joining.)   While I, my church, and God's Word strongly condemn homosexuality, we do love all sinners. Recently, I was vehemently accused in the CDT's opinion page of expressing a "vile, narrow-minded and morally repugnant view"(Amazing expression from one preaching tolerance!) because I supported the Ten Commandments, as do the Scouts. I suppose Jesus would be considered morally repugnant today, too, because he told the woman caught in adultery, "Go and sin no more." Christian conservatism DOES stand for justice, healing, peace, and love, but not in the convoluted manner of confused men.

Rev. Gabriel J. Morley
August 11, 1999

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