Lieberman on Abortion

While Joseph Lieberman, Gore's running mate, deserves credit for chastizing Clinton's infidelity and for wanting to "renew the moral center of this nation", many of his views contradict his Jewish heritage, which he touts.
True Jews put no other gods before God; principle supercedes position. They would rather be right than vice-president. They wouldn't "follow a multitude to do evil"(Exodus 23:2).

Old Testament Jews believe that murder is wrong--"Thou shalt not kill." They believe with David that life begins at conception-- the unborn are "covered" by God(Psalm 139:13). God destroyed Israel because King Mannasah filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, yet Lieberman arrogantly supports sucking brains out of the unborn.

Devout Jews embrace honesty. "A false balance is an abomination to the Lord"(Proverbs 11:1). They wouldn't accept illegal campaign contributions or defend those who did as Gore, who Lieberman calls "a servant of God." (At least David admitted to and repented of his sin.) If their leader falsely bragged of inventing the internet, Jews would respond, "He that speaketh lies, shall not escape!"(Pro. 19:5).
Can one be a genuine Jew and trample under God's condemnation of homosexuality found in Leviticus 18:22, as Lieberman does?

I love the Jews and thank God that the greatest Jew, Jesus the Messiah, came to save His people from their sin. I "pray for the peace of JerUSAlem"(Psalm 122:6), but in seeking peace for America, I'll take the Old Testament Joseph, thank you!

Rev. Gabriel J. Morley
August 22, 2000

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