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The Holiday of Matzot

Pesach Music


Betseit Yisrael (From Hallel)

Chad Gadya

Echad Mi Yodea

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Pesach Medleys (courtesy of Arutz Sheva-Israeli Radio)

Chassidic - Israeli

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More Music

Pesach Websites:

Visit -Colossal site with everything from song parodies to kitniyot to driving directions.

Learn @ JTS- The Jewish Theological Seminary's Pesach Minisite

Rabbinical Assembly Guide- Halachic guide to what may and may not be bought for passover. Pesach Section-A Traditional and spiritual pesach guide

OU Guide to Kosher For Passover foods

Mazon- A Jewish Response to hunger Donate what it would take you to feed an extra guest to this worthy organization