If you are looking for just another award to add to your collection, than you came to the wrong place!
But if you think you have created a site that deserves to be awarded, for your creativity and/or graphics, and your site shows a lot of work on it than you are welcome to apply.

I am sorry to say that often I have been asked to award sites that where only

*a bunch of links*
*plenty of coming soon and hardly no content*
*only photos*
*all different  languages and no  English translator*
*broken links*
*not a child safe family site*
*contains links to porno sites or cruelty to animals or persons*

If your site has the above, don't apply.

*Elegant Beauty*
reserves the right to award only the sites that show lots of effort and hard work
the priority goes to the sites that have
graphics and home pages made by you
and/or shows the creativity of the webmaster.
*Elegant Beauty *
also reserves the right to deny an award for reasons that are not mentioned, if the site isn't appropriate in anyway.

the site must be easy to navigate!
I don't want to go crazy  searching for this and that, if that's the case, I'll give up, and won't come back!

All my awards MUST be linked back to

the link is right there before your eyes, don't mistake typing it, please check it BEFORE  sending me the link of your page where it is placed, this also means that you MUST send me an e-mail along with the correct link, and NOT  your  home page, if it isn't there, as I said I don't want to go crazy looking for it!

If you got to the bottom of this page, I suppose you read and understood everything.
If you still think your site has the above qualifications
then you are welcome to apply.

thank you
return to awards
read carefully