NAME: Gabriella(Gaby) Myers.
AGE: 21
FAMILY: not alot is know about her family, although she has made a few refrences to her mother who is assumed to be still living in Chicago.


HOBBIES: Other than drinking, smoking and loitering, none have seem to have been observed.
VICES: drinking, smoking, casual drug use, and finding trouble.
POLICE RECORD: None as an adult though she was arrested but than released briefly while in new mexico. Probation and placement in a foster home as a juvenile for B+E and possession of drugs.
MISCELLANEOUS: Gaby seems to have a real chip on her shoulder.She's a bit of a tomboy and she doesn't really trust anyone, even the few people she would consider her friends.

Napoleon Reaves, who she met at the bus station when she first arrived, a battered and bloody mess. Other acquantinces include- her boss, Gracchus Lucienzo, and a man named James "blackjack" Black.
The suicide of Gracchus and the dissapperance of her friend Tasha(and later murder) have caused alot of pain and turmoil in Gaby's life. It has been said that she believes BlackJack to be responsible for Tasha's death and she has vowed to do everything in her power to find him and make him pay. She has joined ofrces with a local skinhead named Derek, between the two of them there is always a scuffle of some sort...


Rumors have surfaced that Gaby has left the city. Although some believe she is still around just laying low, after an incident involving a fight with a prominent zoner. Friends of the girl were none to happy and it is rumored they tried to put a hit on her. The break up of her relationship with Leone also arose around this time, though it is rumored that she is pregnant with his child.

Gaby's life in New Mexico has brought itself to a close. After her scuffle with Chica, it was no longer safe for Gaby to stay. The devestating news that Napoleon had commited suicide(much in the fashion of her old friend Gracchus) was too much for her to bear. Every day the child in her womb grew and grew and now she had nothing..no friends...no Leone. Just this baby, a baby she never wanted in the first place. No one knows exactly what happened to her, just that she dissappeared one night, after just delivering her baby. leaving it at the hospital. never to return. Although a street source says she purchased a one way ticket to Rio.


Gaby had big trouble in Rio...big trouble. After almost becoming a prostitute she fled the city and now she finds herself in New Orleans. Homeless, penniless and suicidal. 1