My Old Delphi Stuff

EXE2A SCREENSHOT EXE2A is a dead project..please use it and enjoy it in it's current form

Download the latest released version of ExeMod.pas - this is probably the final version..sorry :-)

Demo for nityn that shows how to change a string in a delphi exe 06/19/05

Demo that shows how to change language in delphi exe 12/18/04

Demo that shows how to generate a txt file viewer exe 07/14/04

Demo that shows how to replace the functionality of an ini file. 06/30/04

DEMO that stores jpg,wav,mpg files inside exe 01/09/04

DEMO app that works with data files 12/04/03

DEMO app that alters a label in another exe 11/21/03

ExeInExe demo for Exiler 09/30/03

HTML extractor demo 10/20/03

Demo to move button on form 08/10/03

Simple exe Password protector 07/03/03

2 small demos for calinutz 06/11/03

Toggler --demo that shows how to patch an exe to enable/disable it 05/16/03

ExitDemo --demo that shows how to save ExeMod changes at program termination 05/14/03

NEW!!! Download PORTIE - a lpt port contol util 03/11/03

View the Portie ReadMe file :-) 03/11/03

Download the Serial Number Demo 04/23/03

Download Hinstance Serial Number Demo 04/24/03

Download Live Web Update Demo 04/24/03

Here is a demo of EXE2A -don't expect much :-)

Always get the latest ver of ExeMod because the copy included with the demos may be out of date:-)

Download 4-demos included(New Update On 10/29/02)

View the FAQ for ExeMod.pas 10/29/02

Download DEMO 01/15/03

Download DEMO 01/11/03 just for facelesswarrior :-) 01/12/03 for Mohaomadi :-) 01/13/03

Download scrambler -- a small exe that changes it's checksum each time it runs :-) 10/16/02

Download DEMO 08/20/02

Download DEMO 08/17/02

DEMO...Simple runtime HTTP exe updater - 05/04/02 -Uses Synapse Lib
DEMO...Another HTTP exe updater - uses Fpiette's ICS components 05/06/02

This old App was My first Delphi Freeware program - EasyIp (lame.. but free)