I collect, buy and sell antique pocket watches. Below is an example of a late 18th-century, silver-dialed watch (A) with a Dutch- or Swiss-made verge movement signed "Joseph" and "London" (B), in a triple, silver case having a 1790 English datemark. The outer case is covered in tortoise shell and the middle case (C) bears a mythological scene in repousse.

Below (A) is an early 19th-century, high grade English-made watch having a fancy multicolored gold dial. The gilded detached lever movement (B) features temperature compensation and is signed "Joseph Johnson" and "Liverpool". The case is 18K gold and has an 1825 datemark.

I also collect, buy and sell flintlock pistols. Below is an ornate pair of Turkish holster pistols, ca 1790.

Pictured below is a matching pair of brass-barreled, box-lock pistols in the Queen Anne style with silver butt-caps by Twigg (London), ca 1790. One of the butt-caps is shown in the insert.

Below are some of my other flintlock pistols. (A) French holster pistol, ca 1780; (B) Continental trade pistol, ca 1800, with London proofmarks and lock by by Berthon-Bourlier (St. Etienne); (C) Pocket pistol with folding trigger by Bolton (London), ca 1800; (D) Pocket pistol by Constable (Philadelphia), ca 1810; (E) All steel double-barreled pocket pistol marked "Segallas, London" but probably Belgian-made, ca 1760; (F) Tap-action double-barreled pocket pistol by Siddons (London), ca 1785; (G) Rare Italian "snaphaunce", an early form of flintlock, ca 1700; (H) Martial-style pistol by J. Mortimer (London), ca 1800; (I) English-made dragoon pistol probably by Ketland (Birmingham) ca 1800; (J) Belgian-made naval pistol, ca 1815; (K) Double-barreled coach pistol by McDermott (Dublin), ca 1815; (L) Belgian-made pocket pistol marked "Petit Jean" ca 1790; (M) Spanish martial belt pistol with miquelet lock by Urquiola (Madrid), ca 1815; (N) Spanish martial holster pistol with miquelet lock by P. Arana (Eibar), dated 1818; (O) English "New Land Pattern" Royal Dragoon pistol with usual crowned "GR" emblem, broad arrow ordinance mark and "Tower" stamped on the lock plate, (London), ca 1811; (P) French double-barreled coach pistol marked "Rouin", ca 1750.

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