It's 2004!--GKurai's Corner.
In my quest for nice webspace, I've moved on from here. I haven't moved a lot of this content left as I'm starting over fresh.

Come check out Inkput.

Updating is often pretty irregular, so bookmark and visit again anytime you'd like!
this is the newest uploaded CG...and better than what's mostly left here for historical purposes, lol.
Currently: Well, the info below may still apply...to the new site. More tutorials/tips being prepared as I'm also trying to redesign the entire site (whew!). *The enterpics need more attention.....*
Coming Up: Eventually, more new, organized oringinal artwork.(Too much stuff here is is too old!) ^_^
Yes, it is the first oekaki ever used on the entering page

~Previous Enter Pics: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]~

Concerning artwork: I don't add lots of artwork here because quite frankly my better stuff is just not digital. Most of the stuff on her was entirely done on my PC; true, that takes away from the quality of the lineart detail-wise, etc., but it's easier at times as well.

Remember: All artwork here is my property. =) You may save pics if you like. All you gotta do is keep the credit mine. That's so easy. ^_^ Oh, and please don't repost the stuff somewhere without telling me. I'd really appreciate knowing. =) 1