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Welcome to the
Personal Home Page of
Gagik Arzumanyan
Born: November 7, 1973 (Although some people, my Mom and Dad amongst them, believe that the exact date is June 22!) 

I have a wife, daughter (the site has not been yet updated to include the
second one, sorry for that), mom, dad, two sisters and a brother.
Have a look at my picture gallery: I have pictures of
mine, my wife, my daughter, my family, wedding, friends, etc.
I like to eat. Sometimes I drink. Most of the time I work. Often times I even sleep!
More seriously, the only thing I am able to afford (no time!) is listening to the music, and that is because of my precious collection of mp3 files. And I strongly regret of not having time to play bridge, which I loved to do!

My wife:

My daughter:
at the Moscow State University
in Austria (page 1, 2, 3, 4)
in the United States

in Austria
in the United States
under one-year age (page 1, 2)
over one-year age (page 1, 2)
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